Wednesday, April 10, 2013

make it clear…

this week when you try to show appreciation to the people around you, be a more appreciative person, it needs to be recognizable. that means it needs to be clear, specific.

i've heard guys says, “i don’t need to tell my wife that i love her.  she knows it.”  she wants you to tell her.  “i love my kids.  i’m just not the affectionate type.”   you need to offer hugs and kisses and words of encouragement and tell them.  it needs to be real and recognizable.  “i wasn’t raised that way!”  then change!  learn to be more open.  learn to develop.  learn to speak a word of encouragement.  your kids are dying to hear that.  so is everybody else around you.  be an encourager, not a discourager.  there’s enough bad news in the world.  CHRISTians of all people ought to be spreading good news, encouraging and lifting people up.

proverbs 15.33 (gnt), what a joy it is to find just the right word for the right occasion.  have you ever had that experience?  you say something and you know you made somebody’s day!  because it was real and it was recognizable.

a word of encouragement does wonders!  proverbs 12.25 (tlb).   

one pastor said he was sure how to take some of the comments he got after preaching.  he said, “i don't know if they’re really recognizable affirmations or not.”  he made a list of some of things people said:

lady:  “whenever you speak, i wonder ‘how could he get better!’”
lady:  “sometimes i’m amazed what’s in your mind.” 
man who had fallen asleep during the message:  “you probably noticed my eyes were closed during the message, but i’m sure i didn’t miss anything.”
kid, after an enthusiastic message:  “pastor, today you were just full of it!”

another pastor said, “one time i cut himself shaving on sunday morning.  he told the people, i had my mind on the message and i cut my chin.  he preached for nearly an hour; he wore the people out.  after it was over a deacon said, next time, keep your mind on your chin and cut the sermon.”

another pastor said a lady said, “pastor, your messages are like manna from heaven.”  the pastor said he got to thinking about manna.  manna means “what is it?” in hebrew,  manna is bland, tasteless and it rots after 24 hours. 

your encouragement needs to be recognizable, clear, defined.  don’t beat around the bush.  say it.  write it.  touch them.  hug them.  kiss them. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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Rum-Punch Drunk said...

We should always tell our family, friends or loved ones that we care or love them when we get the opportunity. You don't have to bombard them constantly but every now and again take the time out to let them know.

I say this because I've seen so many people die over the past few years and one thing happens over and over. The person always comments on how they didn't have the time to say how much they loved them and how much they appreciated them when they were alive, and now it's too late. Some people won't awake this morning and others won't return tonight. Now is the time to make things right.
A very encouraging post Bill.