Friday, April 26, 2013

we all can benefit from them…

my weakness gives me a ministry. 

GOD puts you on earth, not just to live for yourself, but to help other people.  your greatest ministry will flow out of your weaknesses.  the greatest life message, the message that GOD wants to say to the world through you (what he put you here on earth for), your greatest life message, is going to come out of your deepest hurt.  the very thing that causes you the most grief and pain, GOD can use in the ministry and can use it as a message to other people to encourage them.  the thing you’re most embarrassed about, the thing you’re most ashamed of, the thing you don’t want anybody else to know about, you want to hide it, put in a closet, forget it, push it out of your mind – GOD wants to use that to encourage other people. 

pain sensitizes us to the hurts of others.  if you want to have a CHRIST-like ministry, that means sometimes other people are going to be helped, encouraged and even healed by the wounds in your life.  JESUS CHRIST, received a bunch of wounds in HIS body and we all benefited from it.  you will go through some pains in your life that, if you will admit them, be grateful for them, learn to share them with others (the lessons you’ve learned), others will be benefited by it.  it becomes a ministry.

just a thought from the front porch…

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