Saturday, January 15, 2011

two things that GOD wants us to understand…

in dealing with difficult people at work, respond with love. that's the bottom line. in spite of their behavior, in spite of their attitude, you respond with love.

with every person you meet this next week, GOD wants you to understand two things, one, GOD loves them. i know that that may be hard to believe but GOD loves that jerk at work. in fact, GOD loves that jerk at work as much as HE loves you. now that is hard to believe, i know that but GOD loves unconditionally.

and not only that but GOD wants to teach you how to love the unlovely. you see the bible says GOD is love and if we are to become like GOD then we've got to be loving.

it is easy to love people who are lovely. it is easy to love people who get along with your personality. it is difficult to love the unlovely but if GOD is going to teach you genuine love, HE is going to put you around some unlovely people. that is why they are there. GOD wants to teach you, real genuine love.

now love is giving a person what they need not what they deserve. that doesn't mean that you automatically give into them. sometimes the last thing they need is for somebody to keep on giving in.

the last thing a steamroller needs is for you to lay down. ok. tough love is what that person needs.

sometimes the most loving thing to do is to call their bluff and say, now look, you have run over five other employees, you're not going to do it anymore.

somebody has got to care enough to confront. somebody has got to care enough to stand up to them and so that is what it means to be loving. it doesn't necessarily mean to give in.

just a thought from the front porch…

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val said...

You are right Bill God loves his children so much that not one sinner will be put into a hell fire I prove this by the word of God at