Saturday, October 27, 2012

i can count on GOD’s power when i’m in pain.

some of the pain that some of you are feeling is very real, and very hard.

i deal an awful lot with people who are in pain, deep hurting pain.  let me give you a list of the many different types of pain.  maybe you are on this list.

some of us reading this possibly come from lousy family or marriage situations.  the relational dynamics are terrible and there are some hate-filled people in the home and we don’t even want to stay there.  that’s pain.

some of the possible pain has to do with our own bodily pain.  we have some affliction that we live with.  and it looks like tomorrow morning when we wake up we’re going to have the same affliction and we’re tired of it.  that’s pain.

some of us possibly are in less than ideal work situations.  we don’t like our job.  yet we aren’t doing anything about it.  we hit work on monday, to unrealistic quotas and impossible deadlines and it’s grinding us down.  that’s pain.

some of us possibly are going through the trauma of a separation or divorce.  that’s pain.

some of us have possibly recently lost loved ones.

some of us possibly are just starting to face the reality of an emotional condition that we’re discovering about ourselves.

some of us have friendships that are fractured.

some of us have constant financial pressures.  we’re on the verge of bankruptcy.

some of us that are parents and we’re possibly broken inside because we’re watching our kids making decisions and their lives are self-destructing and it’s unbearable to watch.  that’s pain.

some of us in here are possibly sick of being single.  we’re not dating anyone and marriage seems a long way off or even an unrealistic dream.  that’s pain.

did i hit you?  if i didn’t your number’s coming up!  pain is right around the corner.  there’s no shortage of difficulty facing those of us that are here.  you’re not immune from pain and neither am i. 

if you’re not a CHRISTian, you’re here on the front porch just checking this GOD-thing out, some of my CHRISTian friends that have gone through this kind of pain that i’m talking about will tell you that they have walked through the deepest and darkest valleys of their life but they would also tell you with conviction that if it wasn’t for GOD’s power and strength, they would never have made it out the other side – at least not in one piece. 

where do you go with your pain?  GOD promises us power in the midst of pain.  psalm 41.3 (nlt), the LORD nurses them when they’re sick and eases their pain. 

for CHRIStians, GOD’s power doesn’t just pacify our pain.  when we access GOD’s power, it so invades our life that it satisfies our soul.  do you want to tap into that kind of power?  it’s available.

just a thought from the front porch…


Rachel Stephenson said...

Thank you for reminding me of my God of all comfort! What a great blessing!
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bill williams said...

He really is, isn't He, Rachel.