Tuesday, November 6, 2012

along the way…

i could go from story to story in the bible.  you could do the same thing.  the principle is you choose GOD’s way and GOD’s power shows up. 

moses in yesterday’s story didn’t know how GOD was going to intervene until he trusted in GOD’s power and he kept walking. 

GOD says to you today, “i will honor your faith by a display of MY supernatural power.  I’ll give you power along the way.”  if you’re like me, and i think some of you probably are, i don’t want power along the way.  i want power before i go.  i want power before the crisis.  i want power before the showdown.  i want power before the ocean’s edge.  and if i was to consult GOD, that’s what i would tell HIM.

but the bible teaches that GOD supplies power along the way according to our faith.  and the same GOD who intervened and expressed HIS power throughout the pages of the bible is the same GOD who says to you today, right now, “I want to infuse your life with MY power.”  admit you’re weak, be connected to the source of power and choose GOD’s way with faith that GOD’s power will show up.

people say, “how do i know it works that way?”  because the bible promises it.  i’ve seen it in the lives of hundreds of people that i’ve met with and counseled with and been friends with.  i’ve seen it in churches that i’ve pastored.  i’m a living testimony of it.  i see it in my life.

just a thought from the front porch…

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