Thursday, November 8, 2012

GOD’s power will show up if…

maybe you’ve got a friendship that is totally fractured.  you do the possible.  you pick up the phone and you ask for forgiveness, not because you want to.  nobody wants to do that, but because you know it’s the right thing to do. 

don’t get me wrong.  don’t say, “ok, i know i need to reconcile.  GOD give me the power.  bill said you’d give me the power.  GOD, give me the power.  i’m not seeing my hand move toward the phone i must not have the power.  it probably doesn’t work!”  no, you do the possible – pick up the phone and start dialing – with faith that GOD’s power will show up.

maybe some of you need to pack up a suitcase.  you’ve been living together and you know that’s not GOD’s design for your life.  you do the possible.  one of you moves out – with faith, that GOD’s power will show up and provide a way for you to live HIS way.

are these easy steps?  no.  but they’re good steps.  and when you move in the direction that GOD wants you to take, HIS power will show up.  you do the possible with faith that GOD will do the impossible. 

but this power that we’re talking about, the only other condition that i haven’t told you about is, you don’t get the power without the person.  and the person is JESUS CHRIST. 

psalm 68.35 (nlt) says, HE gives power and strength to HIS people.  it says in romans 8.17 (nlt), and since we are HIS children (his people) we will share HIS treasures.  for everything GOD gives to HIS SON, CHRIST, is ours, too.

if you’re someone that’s never opened up your life to JESUS CHRIST, you may have gone to church your entire life but you’ve never let go of the steering wheel of your life, would you just say – it’s as simple as this – “CHRIST, come in.  would YOU give me the power that i need because i want to live your way?”  if you’re ready to do that, HE’s standing at the door knocking. 

for the rest of you, what area of your life do you need GOD’s power to show up?  make this very practical to you.  it’s not just fancy talk.  it’s living by GOD’s power.

let’s pray…GOD, thank you for YOUr love.  thank YOU that YOUr love for us isn’t based on what we look like or how much money we have in our savings account.  YOUr love for us isn’t based on our background.  but YOU love us because YOU created us.  and YOU’re calling us to be YOUr children.  and, LORD, we’re thankful that we don’t have to live powerless lives.  we’re thankful that we can live a life infused with YOUr supernatural, divine, unlimited power.  that YOU would think and care enough about us to give us that incredible gift.  GOD, i pray that we might admit our weakness and be connected to YOU and choose YOUr way with faith that YOUr power will show up.  and thank YOU that YOU live up to YOUr promises and YOUr power does show up to YOUr people.  we pray this in JESUS’ name, amen.

just a thought from the front porch…

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