Tuesday, November 27, 2012

it is a learned experience…

the apostle paul while in prison writes in philippians 4.11-13 (ncv),  i have learned to be satisfied with the things i have and with everything that happens.  i know how to live when i am poor, and i know how to live when i have plenty.  i have learned the secret of being happy at any time in everything.  i can do all things through CHRIST because HE gives me strength. 

notice that acceptance is a learned experience and you learn it from going through tough times – learning to accept in the experience.  it is a choice and it is only possible by supernatural power.  you’re never going to learn to really accept the things of life without GOD’s power in your life. 

let me tell you the one thing that keeps you from peaceful circumstances, what keeps you tense and nervous and stressed out about the things in your life.  it’s your demand for an explanation. 

when something goes wrong in your life, when something doesn’t happen the way you think it ought to happen, you go, “why??  why, GOD?  why is this happening?  why did you allow this?  why is this happening to me?” and by going over and over it in your mind trying to figure out why something happened, you are kept in turmoil.

listen, GOD doesn’t owe you an explanation for anything.  HE’S not obligated to explain everything that HE does to you.  you are the creation, HE is the creator.  GOD is a good GOD, HE’s a just GOD, HE’s a fair GOD, HE’s a loving GOD, and HE understands things that you don’t.  you need to just say ok.  the fact is, GOD doesn’t owe you an explanation for anything in your life. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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