Friday, November 30, 2012

when GOD is silent…

the classic example of accepting things that cannot be changed is the story of job.  in the old testament, job played in the superbowl of suffering. 

this guy was the wealthiest man who had ever lived.  he was a very GODly man, very dedicated, very devout to GOD.  one day, actually a 48-hour period, he lost everything.  first, all ten of his kids were murdered.  then he lost all his wealth, his crops were destroyed.  his flocks and herds were destroyed.  he went bankrupt instantly.  he lost everything he had overnight.  then, as if that weren’t enough, he got a terrible, painful disease that left open soars on his body oozing and left him in pain 24-hours a day.  you think you had a rough day!  that’s pretty tough. 

the only thing that he was left with was a wife who nagged him!  and she comes to job and says, “why don’t you just curse GOD and die?” that’s what i call emotional support!!! 

but the most difficult thing about job’s circumstance is this: there was no apparent explanation given.  he had no reason why all these things had befallen him.  there was no understanding, no hint, no GOD saying, “this is why I’m doing this, allowing this in your life.” 

looking back, we can see what was going on because, as we read the book of job, we find out that there were forces at work, that GOD was allowing a test, that satan was involved – there were all kinds of things that were going on that job didn’t understand.  we can see that looking back, but he had no idea in the moment.  it didn’t make sense and the most difficult part of it was this: job says, “why is this happening, GOD?  i’m a good guy!”  and for 37 chapters GOD says nothing!  zip! 

have you ever been in a crisis when GOD was silent?  that is one of the most difficult things to handle in life.  when you’re going, “why?  why is this happening?” and heaven is like brass heaven and your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and nothing is coming through. 

job was going through the greatest test of his life.  it was a test of his peace of mind but it was also a test of his character.  this is the guy who said, though HE slay me, yet will i trust HIM.  and it was a major test.

here’s the point of the story: when GOD is silent you need acceptance.

just a thought from the front porch…

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