Thursday, December 27, 2012

a life-changing prayer…

would you follow me in a simple prayer?  would you say, “dear JESUS, i’ve been holding on to this grudge for too long. when i think of that person it still hurts.  but i want to give it up today.  i want to let it go.  i want to give up my grudges today.  i want to quit keeping a record of wrongs in my marriage.  LORD, i ask you to forgive me for taking out my resentment on people who weren’t even involved in it...”  maybe someone in your family.  just because some man hurt you doesn’t mean every man wants to hurt you.  just because some lady let you down doesn’t mean every lady wants to let you down.  would you say, “GOD, i want to give up my grudges today.” 

how about grief?  all of us have had losses in life.  all of us are going to face other losses as we go on in life.  it’s a part of life.  and it’s legitimate to mourn and to grieve. but would you say, “GOD, help me to accept the fact that it cannot be changed.  that the past is past and help me to focus on what i have left, not on what i’ve lost.  help me to play it down and pray it up.” 

and then would you give GOD your guilt?  JESUS CHRIST died to set you free from guilt.  and GOD specializes in new beginnings.  your past is past.  it doesn’t matter where you have come from, GOD brought you here o the front porch today and you can leave here as a new person.  would you say, “GOD, please forgive every single sin i’ve ever done.”  if HE brings one to mind agree with each one.  be specific.  those thoughts that are hitting your mind right now ask forgiveness for each.  your past is past.  and then as you’ve asked for forgiveness would you say, “GOD help me to accept YOUr forgiveness and to forgive myself.”  and the proof of that is, “LORD, help me to offer forgiveness to other people.”   JESUS CHRIST wants you to know HIM in a personal way.  HE wants you to have a relationship with HIM.  you cannot have the ultimate in relationships with other people until first you have a right relationship with GOD.  would you say, “JESUS CHRIST, i don’t understand it all but would you put YOUr SPIRIT in my life today?  make YOUrself real to me today.  i invite YOU into my heart and life.  i want to be a CHRISTian.  i want to believe in YOU.  i want YOU to guide me in my relationships.  thank YOU for loving me and dying for me.”

FATHER, thank YOU for YOUr word.  now apply it this week in our lives as YOU only can do.  let us have relationships that are healthy and wholesome and fulfilling.  for we pray this in JESUS’ name.  amen.

just a thought from the front porch…

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