Monday, March 25, 2013

HE works all things together…

romans 8.28 (nlt), GOD causes all things to work together for good.  notice, work together.  not separately but together. 

individual ingredients, like when you’re cooking, they often don’t taste good.  but together they’re ok.  for instance. I’m just now in retirement learning how to cook.  let’s say you’re  making chocolate cookies.  what you do is get a little shortening.  have you ever tasted shortening by itself?  uhhh.  then you get some flower.  have you ever tasted flour by itself?  yuk.  have you ever tasted raw eggs by themselves?  if you’re rocky you have.  salt by itself?  no good.  baking soda by itself?  the only thing that tastes good by itself are those little chocolate chips!  that’s the only thing that tastes good by itself. 

but you take them and you put them together and GOD weaves the ingredients in your life together and you get a pretty good tasting cookie. 

your life is a tapestry.  have you ever seen a tapestry or rug, the underside of a rug that’s been woven together?  how bizarre it looks.  a tangled web of yarn and twine.  have you ever looked at the backside of a piece of needlepoint?  on the front side there’s a beautiful picture.  on the back, it’s just a jumble of twine and threads.  GOD is weaving a tapestry of your life a beautiful picture.  and from heaven looking down HE’s weaving this beautiful picture of your life.  looking up all we see is the underside of it.  we just see this mass conglomeration of yarn and thread.  there’s some dark threads in there.  and there are some rough threads in there.  there’s some bad days and some good days.  they’re all a mish-mashed jumble and you think i can make no sense of my life!  it’s because you’re looking at it from the wrong viewpoint.  GOD looking down and sees just what HE’s weaving.  it takes all kinds of colors of thread to make your life.  and it takes all kinds of experiences to make your life.  and it takes good and bad and it takes sorrow and pain and it takes happy days and sun shiny days and he weaves it all together.  HE’s working together in your life.

just a thought from the front porch… 

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