Thursday, March 21, 2013

one of the most difficult kind of problems…

i can always be hopeful no matter what because HIS purpose transforms my problems.  that means HE uses everything that happens in my life in a plan for my own good. 

life is just a series of problems.  that’s really all it is.  life is just a series of problems, one after the other.  you right now are in one of three situations.  you are either just coming out of a problem, or you’re in the middle of a problem right now, or you’re headed into a new one.  that’s called life.  there are problems all around.

one of the most difficult kind of problems to hold on to or to understand are those that seem meaningless.  you don’t see a purpose in them.  why is this happening to me?  it’s not fair.  why is this happening?  when you don’t understand a problem that’s the most difficult kind to handle.  isn’t that true?  it is.  so when you see a purpose behind the problem, when you see a meaning, when you see that there could be some kind of benefit from it, that gives you a reason to hope.  the bible says that GOD has a purpose for every single problem you go through.  no matter how big, no matter how little.  HE has a purpose for every single problem.

just a thought from the front porch…  

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