Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the power to do it…

not only does GOD take care of your past, HE takes care of the present, HIS power breaks my bad habits. 

i don’t have to be controlled by anything.  in talking to people i’ve found that most problems are summarized into:  one, “my life is out of control.”  that’s the first problem.  “i can’t seem to get things together.  it just keeps falling apart.  just about the time i make ends meet, somebody moves the ends.  i just can’t get it all together.  i try but the pressure and the pace of life just undoes me.  it overwhelms me.” 

the other group of problems are, “i just can’t seem to change.  i know what’s right.  i even want to do what’s right.  i just don’t have the power to do it.” 

have you ever felt that way?  sure you have.  you say,” i know this habit is bad for me but i still do it.  i know this hang up is messing up my life but it still holds on to me.  i know this relationship is destroying me.  it’s self-destructive.  but i still do it.  i just can’t seem to let go.  i don’t have the power to change.” 

that’s why you need JESUS CHRIST.  HE gives you the power you don’t have.  you plug into HIS power and it’s the answer both to when your life’s out of control and when you can’t change.  romans 8.2 (tlb), for the power of a life giving spirit – and this power is mine through CHRIST JESUS –  has freed me from the vicious cycle of sin and death.  notice three words, “freed” and “vicious cycle.”  sin is a vicious cycle.  what does it mean?  it means temptation, fall, guilty.  i’m tempted, i fall for it, i’m guilty.  i’m tempted, i fall for it, i’m guilty…  it’s a vicious cycle.  he says you don’t have to stay in that relationship.  you don’t have to stay in that cycle.  GOD will give you the power to change.

just a thought from the front porch…  

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