Thursday, April 18, 2013

a weakness identifier…

so how can i use my weaknesses?  well first of all I need to admit my weaknesses.

that’s obviously the starting point.  that means i stop pretending i’ve got it all together.  because i don’t.  nobody has it all together.  it means that i stop hoping that my weaknesses will go away if i just ignore them.  out of sight, out of mind.  if i pretend they’re not there, maybe they’ll go away.  they won’t.  it means i stop making excuses for my weaknesses.  it means i stop blaming other people for my weaknesses.  it means i stop denying that i’ve got them and stop defending them.  i just admit i have weaknesses.  nobody has it all.

many of you are entrepreneurs – small business owners or large corporation owners.  this is really the secret of building any effective organization.  you first sit down and figure out, what am i good at?  what are my strengths?  and you start building on your strengths.  but you also look at and enumerate, what are my weaknesses?  what am i not good at?  what am i really bad at?  then you start hiring people who compensate for your weaknesses.  that’s how you build a great team.

warning:  because GOD wants you to admit your weaknesses, sometimes HE has to bring something into our lives to get us to admit them.  that is called a crisis.  a crisis is a weakness identifier.  when you go through a crisis it says, “here’s the fault in my life, the failure in my life, the lack, the weakness, the weak spot.”  my advice is: don’t wait.  it’s far less painful to identify your weaknesses and admit them up front than having to go through crisis after crisis for GOD to get you to admit, “i’m not GOD.  YOU are and i’m not.”

just a thought from the front porch…

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