Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GOD is not impressed with might…

have you heard about samson in the old testament?  from all the unbelievable stuff that he did you would think that he was this giant, muscle bound hunk – kind of a jewish rambo.  bulging biceps.  the truth is that samson was a very ordinary looking guy.  the bible says that when the enemies looked at him they couldn’t figure out why the guy’s so strong.  from all appearance, he just looked normal.  he was not some beefcake.  the bible tells us that his strength laid not in his muscles but in the SPIRIT of the LORD.  he probably looked more like don knotts than he did schwarzenegger.  they couldn’t figure out his secret.  it wasn’t muscles.

GOD is not impressed with might.  in america, we’re really impressed with strength and might.  but the bible says in zachariah 4.6 (niv), “not by might, nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT,” says the LORD.  GOD says, “i like to choose and use weak ordinary people because that’s when my glory, my grace, my strength, my power shine through the most effectively.”

that’s good news, really good news, because most of us are not extraordinary people.  we don’t have bodies like the models.  we don’t have extraordinary intellect.  we’re just normal, ordinary, average people.  GOD says, “that’s ok, because I don’t choose to work through natural strength.  I choose to work through natural weakness and then my power shines through.”

just a thought from the front porch…

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