Monday, April 15, 2013

every one of us has weaknesses…

every one of us has weaknesses.  you have physical weaknesses, emotional weaknesses, relational weaknesses, financial weaknesses, intellectual weaknesses. there are things your body can’t do.  (how many of you can roll our tongue?  under?)  some of us have fashion weaknesses.  we have all different kinds.

the real issues is, what are you going to do with your weaknesses? 

what we normally do is deny them, we defend them, we excuse them, we resent them and most of all we hide them – we don’t want anybody to see our weaknesses.  then GOD comes along and in the bible, HE says, “you know what i want to do with your weaknesses?  i want to use them.”  “that doesn’t make sense,” we say, “use my strengths not my weaknesses.”  we think GOD wants to use our strengths:  “i can do this.  how come i’m always setting on the shelf here.  use my strengths.” 

GOD does use your strengths obviously.  but in the book of isaiah 55, GOD says, my ways are not your ways.  my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.  I’m smarter than you.  HE says, “the way you think I should work is often the exact opposite of the way I really work in life”  GOD says, “I don’t want to work around your weaknesses.  I don’t want to work in spite of your weaknesses.  I want to work through them – through your weaknesses.”

1 corinthians 1.27 (gn), GOD purposely chose what the world considers nonsense in order to put wise men to shame and what the world considers weak, in order to put powerful men to shame.  Notice it says,  “GOD purposely chose” and “weak”.  it’s not by accident.  the weaknesses you have in your life, GOD purposely chose them and GOD works through weak people.  why?  it demonstrates HIS power.

just a thought from the front porch…

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