Saturday, April 13, 2013

review and pray…

let me ask you some questions about appreciation .  are there people who have stuck with you through thick and thin?  maybe they didn’t do anything spectacular, maybe they haven’t been a superstar, maybe they haven’t been out of the ordinary, but they are still with you; they’re still by your side.  for some of us, that’s a lot.  they’re still with you.  in a world where relationships break up daily, faithfulness and consistency counts big.  they’re not perfect but they're still with you. 

how about the differences?  in your marriage, in your family, where you work, at school.  do you have a hard time getting along?  GOD says don’t just tolerate them, learn to appreciate differences. 

how about effort?  who’s made an effort on your behalf?  who keeps the car running?  who cooks the meals?  who put you through school?  who’s given you the break that you’ve needed?  who’s made an effort? 

how about GOD?  would you pause right now and think of things that you would not have if it were not for GOD?  you wouldn’t have anything.  you wouldn’t even be alive if it weren’t for GOD.  JESUS CHRIST loves you.  HE came to earth and HE died on the cross.  HE died to forgive every sin you’ve ever committed.  you can have a completely clear conscious.  that’s something to be grateful for.  would you open your heart if you’ve never done that?  i’m not talking about a religion.  you may be catholic, protestant, jewish, buddhist, baptist, mormon, whatever.  i’m talking about a relationship to CHRIST.  i don’t care about your background.  it’s not religion, it’s relationship.  would you say, “JESUS CHRIST, i want to know you.  i want YOU to come into my life.  i want to give my life to YOU in appreciation for all that YOU’ve done.  i realize that i wouldn’t have anything without YOU.”  just open your life to HIM. 

FATHER, we want to thank YOU for YOUr word, the relevancy and the practicality of it.  help us in our daily lives and make a difference.  help us to be grateful people.  LORD, YOU’ve said in YOUr word to do all things without murmuring and complaining but to be thankful that we may shine out, be blameless and harmless and shine out as stars in a dark night.  LORD, i know if our lives would show gratitude it would be so different and a testimony for you in our world.  help us to be appreciate this week.  in JESUS’ name.  amen.

just a thought from the front porch…

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