Friday, April 12, 2013

stop, think and thank…

galatians 6.10 (living bible), whenever we can… – do it now!  if you stop and think, you’ll thank.  thinking and thanking go together.  we have so much to be grateful for.

do you nag more or do you brag more around your house?  do you give more strokes or do you give more pokes?  who do you need to be grateful to this week?  scientists have discovered that the healthiest human emotion is gratitude.  people who live with a continuous attitude of gratitude are the most emotionally healthy people.  they live longer.  they’re more healthy physically.  on the other hand, GOD considers ingratitude to be a terrible sin. it’s listened along with witchcraft, adultery, occultism – all kinds of things.  it is a serious sin not to be grateful. 

project:  think of at least one person you need to write a letter to, or call and say, “i just want you to know i’m grateful for your loyalty, your effort.  you stood by me in that tough time.”

another project:  i challenge you this week to give a compliment to every person in your family every day this week.  people blossom under affirmation.  they wilt under criticism.  if you want to have a more powerful office, affirm your employees.  if you want to have a more productive secretary, affirm your secretary.  every time you appreciate the people around you, you raise their value.  bosses who depreciate their staff are lowering their staff’s value.  become a grateful person.

the bottom line is, what do you need to appreciate from GOD?  when was the last time you spent 15-minutes just in gratitude to GOD?  HE’s done so much for you!  the bible says that 2000 years ago, HE came to earth in the form of a human being.  HIS name was JESUS CHRIST.  and all of history is divided into b.c. and a.d. by JESUS coming to earth.  HE came to give us a purpose in life, power for life, the hope of heaven, to give us forgiveness of sin, to give us real meaning.  you’re not here on earth by accident, GOD put you here for a purpose.  we talk about all that GOD has done for you every week here.  how do i express gratitude to GOD?  by giving myself to HIM?  HE gave himself for me.

just a thought from the front porch…  

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