Wednesday, May 29, 2013

it takes time to reprogram and to realize…

perfectionism depresses us.  it causes us to be burdened by life because we go through life worried and burdened by the tyranny of the “oughts” – i ought to do this.  i ought to do that.  i ought to be doing more.  i should be doing this.  i should...  i must...

and we pressure ourselves and we always resist pressure and start heading in the opposite direction.  GOD says to grow in grace. don’t just accept grace, but grow in the grace of GOD. 

peter says in 2 peter 3.18 (niv), grow in the grace…of JESUS CHRIST. 

you don’t break the habit of perfectionism overnight. you didn’t learn it overnight and you don’t break it overnight. it takes time.  it takes time to reprogram your mind and realize that GOD loves me unconditionally.  it takes time to realize that the secret of CHRISTian living is to stop trying and to start trusting, to stop working so hard and to start resting in GOD’s grace.  it’s a process of becoming. 

GOD is not some tyrant, some dictator.  every basic problem of man comes down to a misunderstanding of who GOD is and what HIS relationship is to us.  in psalm 103.14 (niv) david says, for HE knows how we are formed, HE remembers that we are dust.  in other words, GOD says, “i know you’re human.”

paul understood this concept and through the new testament, paul’s testimony was this, “by the grace of GOD, i’m not what i used to be and by the grace of GOD, i am what i am, and by the grace of GOD, i’m not what i’m going to be.”  paul understood that GOD was working in his life at every stage of the game and he didn’t have to bat a thousand to please.  all he had to do was respond to GOD’s grace in faith. 

perfectionism.  it’s a burden on our lives.  JESUS said that HE didn’t intend for us to go with a heavy burden through life, always feeling throughout your entire CHRISTian life that you never measure up, that no matter what you do, GOD never smiles at you. that’s not in the bible.  GOD says, “I love you unconditionally and I accept you as you are.  I love you too much to let you stay that way, but I love you as you are and will make the changes in your life.”

just a thought from the front porch… 

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