Tuesday, May 14, 2013

three things we are challenging…

by complaining you see we are challenging three things:

#1.  i'm questioning GOD's wisdom.  “do you really know what YOU’re doing?  do YOU see what’s going on?  is this really wise?”

#2.  i’m doubting GOD’s care.  “do YOU really love me?  really care for me?”

and #3.  i’m forgetting GOD’s goodness.  and i’m focusing on what i don’t have rather than focusing on what i do have.  i’m being ungrateful. 

often the things that i personally complain about the most, are often the very things GOD knows i need the most in order to become all that HE wants me to be.  it is a warning light of GOD. HE’s saying, “there’s something wrong here.  let’s change it. stop complaining.  start changing!”  the only way you change other people is by changing yourself.  then they have to react to you differently. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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