Friday, June 28, 2013

HE answers if…

we are talking here about answers to our prayers and i honestly believe that if GOD actually answered some people’s prayers they’d have a heart attack.  an answered prayer!  HE probably hasn’t answered some of them to keep them alive!  “they don’t believe I’m going to do it, so I might as well not.”  we see so little in our lives because we expect so little in our lives.  the bible says “according to your faith” not according to your ability, not according to your education, not according to how good a person you are but “according to your faith, it will be done unto you.” 

the fact is, if you have met the conditions of scripture – you have an honest relationship to GOD, you have, as far as you know, no unforgiveness toward anyone, you’re willing to share the results with other people, and you’re asking GOD in faith and expecting – you have every right to expect GOD to answer.  if GOD doesn’t answer, that’s HIS problem, because you’ve done what the bible says. 

if i take a seed and plant it in the ground and in a few months it sprouts and i get a tomato plant from it, is that a miracle?  no.  i simply cooperated with the laws of the universe and it happened.  when i pray believing and following the conditions laid out in scripture and GOD answers, is that a miracle?  no. it is simply in line with the universal laws of life that GOD has ordained. 

principles:  have an honest relationship to GOD.  no unforgiveness.  be willing to share the result.  believe that GOD will answer.

just a thought from the front porch…

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