Friday, June 21, 2013

the mistake that most CHRISTians make in prayer…

do i really want GOD’s will for my life?  1 john 5.14 (niv), this is the confidence we have in approaching GOD that, if we ask anything according to HIS will, HE hears us and if we know that HE hears us then whatever we ask we know that we have what we’ve asked of him.  when we ask according to GOD’s will then we have confidence in prayer and we know HE’s going to answer. 

most CHRISTians make a big mistake in prayer.  they go around constantly saying, “GOD, is it YOUr will that i ask for this?” over every little item.  the real issue is not “GOD, what is YOUr will regarding this specific circumstance?”  the real issue is, “am i in GOD’s will as a person?”  if my life is in harmony with GOD, then my desires are going to be in harmony with GOD. 

st. augustine said this:  “love GOD and do what you please.”  why did he say that?  because if you really love GOD with all your heart, you’re not going to want to do what displeases GOD.

so you don’t have to constantly say, “is it YOUr will?”  you go down to buy a new car:  “GOD is it YOUr will that i buy a brown chevy or a gold mercedes? ... GOD, is it YOUr will that i order the steak or the pork chops?”  no, you don’t have to ask GOD’s will on every little item like that.  you get your life in GOD’s will and say, “to the best of my knowledge, i’m trying to do what’s right, LORD.  i want to live in YOUr will.”  then you ask according to your desires.  you get in GOD’s will.

how do you know the answer to the question, “do i really want GOD’s will for my life?”  how do you know if you really want it? simple.  how eager are you to read the bible?  because the only way you can know the will of GOD is by reading the word of GOD.  and GOD’s word tells you GOD’s will.  so you want to read it, you want to study it. 

so the first condition to answered prayer is this:  you have an honest relationship to GOD. 

just a thought from bill’s front porch…

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