Saturday, June 1, 2013

the only solution to not measuring up…

every one of us deal with this issue of perfection to one degree or the other.  every one of us feel the sense of inadequacy, that we’re not always measuring up.  most people don’t measure up to their own standards, much less GOD’s.  the only solution is grace.

have you been burdened by this plague of perfectionism?  do you have this continual feeling, this gnawing at your life that you just don’t measure up and you should be doing better?  “i should do this.  i should do that... i must do this... i could do that...  why don’t i do that.... i should stop that...”

do you find yourself procrastinating because you’re afraid to get started because it might not turn out perfect?  you might fail and you might make a mistake.  so you put it off and you’re always waiting for better conditions.  “one of these days, i’m going to get my act together... one of these days, i’m going to really live for GOD... one of these days, i’m going to start reading the bible... one of these days...”  and you’re waiting for perfect conditions and they never, never come. 

what we all need is a fresh experience of GOD’s grace.  that means that you realize that the way to enjoy GOD’s approval is not the path of performance.  it’s not based on what i do.  it’s based on what JESUS CHRIST has already done.  that’s why JESUS CHRIST on the cross, HIS last words as HE stretched out HIS arms, was “it is finished.”  HE didn't say, “it’s not my dying for you on the cross and you never making any more mistakes.”  HE said “it is finished.”  that separates CHRISTianity from every other major faith in the world because every other religion is based on one word:  do.  do this, do that.  try to reach GOD by your own effort.

but CHRISTianity is based on the word “done”.  it has already been accomplished.  it’s a free gift.  you say, “it sounds too good to be true!”  that’s why people stumble over it.  they just don’t understand that GOD is not like a cruel, unreasonable parent who gets thrills about raising the standard just about the time you reach it. 

it’s true that all of us have fallen short of GOD’s standard, but even still GOD loves us.  you can’t earn HIS love, because HE’s already given it to you.  all you do is accept it.  we are imperfect people but we have a perfect SAVIOR in JESUS CHRIST. satan is paralyzing the potential of so many people.  it’s his subtle scheme to sabotage our service, to keep us from being effective because we think, “i’ve got areas that i’m weak in and i need to get those together before i start letting GOD use my life.”  no.  GOD says, “I am the GOD of jacob and I am the GOD of samson and I am the GOD of david.”  everybody makes mistakes and the fact is, GOD wants to take your area of greatest weakness and turn it into a strength.

just a thought from the front porch…

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