Friday, June 14, 2013

who is it that you will not let go of?...

some of you can relate to this story.  it was the annual sales conference when the awards were handed out to the outstanding sales person of the year.  one woman who had performed spectacularly that year and had made an enormous amount of money gave all the credit to her sales manager. 

as she stood before the crowd of 3000 people, she recalled the slump she had been in two years before.  the future looked so bleak she was ready to resign and tried to quit several times.  but her supervisor kept persuading her that she had not tried long enough and that she wouldn’t have been hired if she hadn’t had unusual potential. her voice cracked as she related the story. 

then she said, “for all those months when i wanted to quit and i didn’t think i had a future, joan believed in me more than i believed in myself.  she wanted me to succeed even more than i did.” 

who are you being that kind of friend to?  who are you believing in?  who is it that you will not let go of?  you keep affirming them, believing in them, and you will not let them mess up their life.  not because you’re responsible for them, but you’re responsible to them.  do your best to bring out their best.

just a thought from the front porch…

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