Monday, July 1, 2013

an excellent credit reference…

we are looking at the need to pray “in JESUS’ name” and  it is important for us to see that JESUS is the bridge between GOD and man.  GOD came in the form of a man – JESUS CHRIST.  the bible says there’s one mediator, one bridge, between GOD and man.  JESUS said it like this in john 14:6 (niv), I am the way.  no one comes to the FATHER except through ME.  HE’s the bridge to GOD. 

i live in pasadena, california and let’s say i was to go a beverly hills bank.  i walk into the bank where i’ve never been before in my life and pull out my checkbook, write out a check for cash for $1000 and sign it in bill williams’ name.  i hand the check to the teller.  she looks at it and recognizes that it’s not from her bank and she says, “mr. williams, do you have an account at our bank?”  i say, “no.”  she says, “i’m sorry.  i can’t accept this check.  it’s in your name but you don’t have an account here.”  but let’s say i’ve got a millionaire friend who’s a rock star in beverly hills.  we go in together.  he walks up, puts his arm around her and says, “give my buddy a good check here.”  he pulls out his checkbook, writes a check to bill williams and signs it in his name and hands it to her.  all of a sudden we get some action.  he’s got a good credit line.

JESUS CHRIST has an excellent credit reference with the FATHER. where i may be SPIRITually bankrupt, HE’s got plenty of dough, and plenty of pull.  when i came to GOD and pray, “in JESUS’ name” i’m saying, “GOD, i realize that YOU don’t have any reason to give me this, but i’m coming in JESUS name and because of HIM, because of what HE’s done.” 

is it always necessary to say the word, “in JESUS’ name” at the end of every prayer?  i don’t think it’s necessary if you’ve got the attitude, but i think it’s a good idea.  i don’t see anything wrong with doing it every time.  why?  because it reminds you why you have the right to pray.  it is a constant reminder.  you don’t have to say it at the end, you could say it at the start. “LORD, FATHER, i’m coming to you in JESUS’ name” and give your requests.  you don’t have to tack it on at the end.  but i think it’s a good reminder of the fact that the way we pray is in JESUS’ merit, not our own.  we are to pray to the FATHER, the heavenly FATHER, through the SON. 

just a thought from the front porch...

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