Tuesday, July 2, 2013

let’s pray…

i would encourage you to follow me in this prayer i’  it’s a simple prayer.  maybe you’ve never before been certain about your relationship to GOD.  you can settle it right now.  i want to make sure.  i want to know GOD personally, that i’m a CHRISTian, that i’m a believer, that i have CHRIST in my life.  just say something like this – the words aren’t as important as the attitude.  “GOD, i realize i have a need for YOU in my life.  and i admit that i’ve tried to go my own way or live my life without YOUr input.  i ask YOU to forgive me for that.  i believe YOU will forgive me.  thank YOU for loving me.  JESUS CHRIST, help me to believe in YOU.  i want to believe in YOU.  i want YOU to be the manager of my life.  i want to be the kind of person YOU want me to be.  as much as i know how, i ask YOU to come into my life.”
m about the pray.

if you prayed a prayer like that, this is the kick off point of the CHRISTian life, an initial commitment.  you don’t have to understand it all.  it's simply saying, “GOD, i want YOU.  i want to know YOU.  i want to be on YOUr side.  i want CHRIST in my life.”

others of you are saying, “i know i’m a CHRISTian and i’m in relationship with GOD, but i have not been meeting one or more of these conditions and now i understand why i see such little results in my prayer life.  today i want to recommit my life to having a life of forgiveness, having a life of generosity, being willing to share, even being willing to give back to GOD a percentage of what GOD has given to me. i want to believe in faith.”

LORD, i thank YOU for the bible that it is so practical and relevant to our lives and that it helps us.  thank YOU that prayer is no big mystery but it is simply a communication with YOU.  when we meet the conditions that YOU’ve laid for us we can see tremendous results in our lives.  thank YOU for the privilege of prayer.  in JESUS’ name we do pray. amen.

just a thought from the front porch…

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