Wednesday, July 17, 2013

how to release a curse…

GOD sees you as capable.

2 corinthians 3.5-6 (tev) talks about this, the capacity that we have comes from GOD.  it is HE who made us capable of serving the new covenant. 

there is an epidemic of low self-esteem in america.  one study shows that it is the number one problem among women in america.  and even in areas where many of you are very, very successful, the truth of the matter is that deep down in your heart of hearts in your quiet moments there is still in your life a gnawing sense of insecurity.  why is that?  why can’t we escape that sense of insecurity? 

one of the reasons is you’re continuing to replay those old tapes in your memory of what people said a long time ago about you.  you’re still living by what 10-20 years ago, somebody said.  studies show that the younger you were when you were rejected, the greater an impact it has on your life.  and in a sense for some of you, you had people in your life that cursed you.  they cursed you with words like, “you don’t matter.  you’re a failure.  you’ll never amount to anything.  you can’t do anything right.” 

so here’s the question.  how do you release a curse?  you don’t do it by focusing on the curse.  you don’t do it by thinking about what they said all the time.  and you don’t even do it by thinking, “i’m going to prove them wrong.”  you’re still tying to build your life on a negative.

you do it by building your life on a positive.  you begin to focus instead on the truth.  you start affirming the truth.  you start believing what GOD says about you and GOD says you’re capable.  i don’t care what anybody else says.  i don’t care what you think.  GOD says you are capable.  HE has created you for a purpose.

just a thought from the front porch…

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