Thursday, July 18, 2013

two reasons why every one of us is capable…

GOD says you are capable.  in fact two reasons why every one of us is capable.

1.  we are all capable because we have GOD’s word for insight and wisdom. 

2 timothy 3.17 (ncv), using the scriptures, the person who serves GOD will be capable having all that is needed to do every good work. 

what a gift GOD has given us in the bible.  it’s given to help us live the kind of life HE wants us to live, to make us capable to live that life.  that’s an incredible gift but HE’s given us an even bigger gift than that.  not only has HE given us his word, the bible says…

2.  HE’s given us HIMself to make us capable. 

maybe you’ve heard people talk about how GOD sends HIS SPIRIT into our lives when we trust HIM.  that sounds a little strange.  what does that mean?  that just means that GOD sends HIMself.  HE gives us HIS strength, HIS ability, HIS insight.  HE is willing to come into our lives.  that’s how much HE loves us.  that’s what the bible is talking about in philippians 4.13 (amp) when it says, i have strength for all things in CHRIST who empowers me.  i am ready for anything and equal to anything though HIM who infuses inner strength into me.  that is i am self-sufficient through CHRIST’s sufficiency.”  through GOD’s word, through GOD HIMself you are capable.

just a thought from the front porch…

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