Friday, July 19, 2013

it changed his life...

psychologists say that your self-concept, your self-worth, the way you see yourself is largely determined by what you think the most important person in your life thinks about you.  if that’s true i want to highly recommend that you make JESUS CHRIST the most important person in your life.  because in CHRIST HE says you are valuable, you are acceptable, you are forgivable, you are lovable and you are capable.

it really doesn’t matter what anybody else think about you.  who are you going to believe?  GOD?  or that fun house mirror?  that imperfect person? 

and the bigger question is: who are you going to live for?  the approval of other people?  who aren’t going to give it, they’ll be inconsistent.  or will you live the rest of your life for a GOD who says you’re lovable, valuable, capable, forgivable and acceptable?

fred craddick tells this story about the time he was vacationing in tennessee.  fred and his wife were seated at a table in a restaurant when an old man came up to them and asked, “are you folks on vacation?”  “yes,” said fred, “and we’re having a good time.”  “what do you do for a living?” the old man said.  fred was trying to get rid of the guy and he said, “i’m a preacher.”  “oh,” the old man said.  “then let me tell you a preacher story.”  he pulled up a chair and sat down.  “i was born an illegitimate child.  i never knew who my father was.  that was very hard for me.  the kids at school made fun of me and they called me names.  when i walked around our little town i always felt that people were staring at me and asking that terrible question, ‘i wonder who’se the father of that little boy.’  i spent a lot of time by myself and growing up i didn’t have any friends.  one day a new pastor came to town and everybody was talking about how good he was.  i’d never gone to church but one sunday i decided i’d go hear him speak.  he was good.  so i kept coming back.  but each time i went to church i’d come in late and i’d leave early so i wouldn’t have to talk to anybody.  then one sunday i got so caught up in listening to the sermon i forgot to leave early.  the service ended, people stood up and i couldn’t get out the door.  suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder.  when i turned that big tall pastor was looking down at me.  he asked, ‘what’s your name boy?  whose son are you?’  when i heard that question i just shook.  but before i could say anything the preacher said, ‘i know who your family is.  there’s a distinct family resemblance.  why, you’re the child of GOD.’  you know, mister, those words changed my life,” he said.  the old man got up and left.  the waitress came over and asked me, “do you know who that was?”  “no,” said fred.  “that’s ben hooper, two term governor of tennessee.” 

a man learned he was the child of GOD and it changed his life.  all the depression and all the cuts and hurts and rejection he’d had through his life was eliminated by the power of GOD’s love.  and no longer could people diminish his sense of dignity because he was a child of GOD.

just a thought from the front porch…

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