Friday, July 26, 2013

loving them or waiting on them…

i have two kids.  they are both in their 30’s now and they have kids of their own but at one time they both had to learn to walk.  this was the process:  they’d take a step, they’d stumble.  they get up, they take two steps, they stumble.  they get up and fall back down without taking a step.  they get up, they fall backwards. they get up and make a couple steps and fall again.  what was my reaction, as a father, to that?  did i scold them? 

“what are you doing stumbling?  you’re a williams.  williams's don’t stumble!  we have dignity.  we don’t stumble.  get up.  you can do better than that.” 

of course not!  how silly!  but a lot of you think that’s how GOD treats you.  you think that every time you stumble, GOD says, “get up!  what are you doing, you dummy! 

do you parents love your children at every stage of their development or are you just waiting until they’re mature to love them? 

GOD loves you at every stage of your development so you don’t have to have unresolved guilt and unrealistic expectations. there is nothing that you will ever do that will make GOD love you more than HE does right now.  there is nothing that you will ever do that will make GOD love you less than HE does right now.  HIS love is unconditional.  it’s not based on what you do or don’t do.

just a thought from the front porch…  

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