Saturday, August 10, 2013

Four different causes for difficulty in your life…

Ok, so you will have difficulties. They go with living so how do you handle them? What do you do when you face those difficulties in life? 

Well first of all,  DETERMINE THE REASON – “What caused this?”

There are only four different causes for difficulty in your life.

1.  I cause a lot of difficulty in my life.  Most of your problems you bring on yourself.  I’m the first and greatest cause.
2.  Other people
3.  The devil
4.  GOD can be a cause of difficulty in your life.  HE allows problems to come into our lives to get our attention, test us, and mold us, many different reasons.

When I’m going through a tough time, how do I know who the source is?  You must pray about it, talk to GOD. 

Psalm 73.16-17 (TEV), “I tried to think this problem through but it was too difficult for me until I went into your Temple.” 

When you worship, GOD uses getting together with other believers to help you clarify things that are going on in your life. 

That’s why I hate to miss church.  Even when Margaret and I go on vacation, we go to church and GOD always speaks to us.  

Listen, I don’t go to church out of guilt, habit, because somebody forces me to, because of a ritual.  I go to find out if GOD has anything to say to me.  Almost every one of the major decisions in my life, many of the major turning points, happened when I was in a church service.  Before I went that day I had no idea what was going to happen.  But because I went, I heard something from the Bible and it made a change in me, a major decision. 

I don’t know when those are going to happen so I go to church whenever I can.  What if GOD had that speaker or that message just for me, what if I didn’t show up?  So, on the possibility that HE might want to speak to me any particular week, I show up. 

Just a thought from the front porch…

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