Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Resting can be an act of faith…

So don’t fret in the delay. Instead: trust GOD’s timing.  Psalm 37.7-8 (TLB),Rest in the LORD, wait patiently for HIM to act.  Don’t fret and worry.  It only leads to harm.” 

Resting can be an act of faith.  It means you’re waiting on God. 

One time, Jesus and the disciples were in a boat and Jesus fell asleep.  A big storm came up and the disciples freaked out.  Jesus is in the corner of the boat sleeping.  They wake Jesus up, “Why are you sleeping?”  He said, “Do you think GOD is going to let the boat sink with ME in it?”   JESUS, by HIS sleeping, was saying, I can trust GOD even in the middle of a storm.  I don’t have to worry about it.

When we get into a storm, we lay awake all night.  And we fret about it.  The very fact that we’re laying awake at night means we’re not living by faith.  We can’t get any sleep because we don’t really trust GOD to work it out.  GOD says, “Don’t fear, don’t fret.  Remember I’m always with you and trust MY timing.” 

The verse says, “Wait patiently for HIM to act.”  When you wait impatiently it doesn’t make waiting any better.  All being impatient does is make you miserable. 

“Don’t fret and worry.  It only leads to harm.”  Worry doesn’t work.  It just makes you miserable.  So stop worrying and start trusting GOD. 

Ecclesiastes 3.11 (TEV), “GOD has set the right time for everything.”  GOD’s timing is perfect. 

We, Americans don’t like to wait.  Americans are activists – doers.  We think it’s far easier to work than wait.  If I can do something about the problem in my home, do something about the problem in my body, do something about the problem at work – then I’m Mr. Fixer.  GOD says I’ll fix it if you just wait.  It’s the delay that’s building your character.  HE can fix it better than you can.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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