Monday, September 9, 2013

We do it in delays…

Are you in the midst of a delay by design?  Well, GOD wants to build your character and HE wants you to learn to trust in HIM.  You can count on HIM for HIS help.  Don’t fear.

And then don’t fret

Fret means worry.  Don’t get worried.  Don’t get uptight.  Don’t complain.  We do that when we get into delays.  We worry, get uptight, get stressed out, start griping.  This was the second response of the Israelites of their journey to the Promised Land. 

Numbers 21.4-5 (TEV), “On the way the people lost their patience and spoke against GOD and Moses.  They complained...” 

This is typical of people, but this was the sin that kept them out of the Promised Land.  They just griped all the time, no matter what GOD had done for them – the Ten Plagues, the opening of the Red Sea.  They complained about the journey, the delay, the leadership, no water – then GOD provided them water.  Then they complained about no food – and GOD provided them food.  Then they complained about the food they got.  It’s so easy to gripe when we’re forced to wait.  We don’t mind waiting if we can complain about it. 

Robert Livine in a wonderful book called A Geography of Time, suggests the creation of a new unite of time called the honko-second – “the time between when the light changes and the person behind you honks the horn.”

But God says don’t fret, don’t worry, don’t get uptight about it. 

 Just a thought from the front porch…

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