Saturday, October 12, 2013

How we treat other people…

If you want to become a merciful person then experience the mercy of GOD.  After you have felt GOD’s mercy then you are able to be more merciful. Now after you’ve done that, the next thing you do, in order to become a merciful person, is start looking at people with the eyes of JESUS CHRIST.  Look at people the way the LORD would see them.  

By the way, if you have trouble with lust, this is the key.  Instead of looking at them in lust, look at them in love, the way JESUS would see them.  Instead of a body, you will see a person.   So, instead of having a problem with lust, you start saying, “LORD, help me to see the man, woman from YOUr point of view.  How do YOU see that person?  What are the hurts YOU see in their lives?  What are the needs YOU see in their lives?"  Look at them from the eyes of CHRIST.  The most CHRIST like thing you can do is to care for other people.

Matthew 25, the thing CHRISTians are going to be judged for at the judgment is how they treated other people, I was hungry and you fed ME.  I was naked and you clothed ME.  I was thirsty and you gave ME drink.  I was in prison and you visited ME.”  We’re going to say, “LORD, when did we do all that to YOU?”  JESUS said, “I will say then, in as much as you”ve done it to anybody else, you’ve done it to ME.”  

GOD;s going to ask you how you treated other people.  Were you merciful?  Were you like HIM? JESUS had a ministry of mercy.  HE lifted up the lonely.  HE accepted the rejected.  HE grieved with those who were sorrowing. HE loved the unlovely.  HE helped those who are helpless and the hurting.  HE cared for them.  And God wants you to be a little CHRIST at your job, at your school, at your home.  Treat people the way HE would.

Just a thought from the front porch…  

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