Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just stop and pray…

Have you experienced the mercy of GOD?  That is the greatest thing you can ever experience –  the mercy and love of GOD. JESUS CHRIST cared enough for you to die for you and to forgive every sin you’ve ever done wrong.  But you need to come, admit those sins, ask forgiveness and let him clean out your life and start over. 

There’s no reason to go off of this front porch with any guilt.  It’s unnecessary.  If you do it, it’s because you choose to do it.  GOD says I want to wipe the slate clean.  It’s like starting over.  It’s called being born again.  It’s a brand new lease on life.  Some of you have had things in your past that have been hounding you for so long.  You need to let it go and you need to let that person go that you’ve been holding that grudge against.  You can’t get ahead if you’re always trying to get even. 

Would you say, “Lord I want to experience YOUr grace and mercy. Would YOU please forgive all the things I’ve done wrong? Would YOU help me to feel forgiven?  Would YOU help me to forgive myself?  This week help me to offer mercy to others just as YOU’ve offered it to me.  YOU’ve shown me mercy in the past and I thank YOU for that.  LORD, I’m going to need it in the future. Help me to be patient with those who are peculiar, maybe even with things in my own family that really bug me, irritate me.  But I need to be merciful to that person because YOU’re merciful with me.  LORD, would YOU help me to be forgiving to those who’ve fallen, not to rub it in but rub it out.” 

If GOD brings someone to mind that you’ve never forgiven would you say, “LORD, I release them.  I’m not going to mention it again.  I’m not going to use it as an excuse to justify my own behavior.  LORD, help me to help those who are hurting. Open my eyes to see the people who hurt and help me to do good to those who do wrong to me, whether they criticize, harm, or mean something for bad.  Rather than being a doormat or passive, I take the initiative to be assertive by doing something good to them. Help me to be like JESUS.  For we pray this in JESUS’ name. Amen.”

Just a thought from the front porch…

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