Friday, November 15, 2013

I’m ready so tell me now…

The first step in hearing GOD is I must cultivate an open mind.

The second step is I must allocate time to listen.  I’ve got to make time to hear HIM. 

Do you schedule time for GOD in your schedule?  Or does GOD just get the leftovers.

The second reason why people never hear GOD speak is we’re in too much of a hurry.  We in the United States are always in a hurry.  We’re in such a rat race society that we’re always in a hurry.

Overnight Federal Express mail isn’t fast enough anymore.  The cyber space, computer hackers call that snail mail because it goes so slow.  You can sit down at a keyboard and type it out and it goes in a nano second to wherever you want it to go.

De Toqueville, a French philosopher said 150 years ago, Americans are always in a hurry. 

So when we live in a hurried lifestyle, GOD gets shortchanged, HE gets the leftovers of our time.

We want to hear GOD speak, yes, but what we say is, “GOD, I’m in a hurry, so do it quick!  I only have a minute.”  As I am running out the door to my next project or assignment or job I’m saying, “OK GOD, speak to me, but do it right now!”  So as a result, we miss what GOD wants to say to us.

Just a thought from the front porch…


therealpaulahnert said...

Good advice Brother. It is key to my spiritual and personal life to wake up an hour early each morning to spend time in prayer and study. We have so many negative, worldly influences attacking our hearts and minds, we need a counterbalance to tip the spiritual scales in the right direction. Personal prayer, worship and study are the key. Thanks for writing!

bill williams said...

Thanks for the comment and the connect. BW