Saturday, November 2, 2013

It helps you get along better with others…

Humility increases my happiness by improving my relationships.

How many of you love to be around people with big heads? Prideful people are a pain in the ... blessed assurance! And a few other parts of the anatomy! 

Selfish, self centered people are an irritation.  Nobody likes to be around them.  They wreck relationships.  Self centered people are never happy.  Never happy!  Because they are unhappy they make everybody else unhappy.  They spread all their gloom and doom simply by their egotism. 

On the other hand, how many of you like to be around humble people?  Those that don’t think they’re so hot?  They aren’t always trying to impress you.  When you tell a story they don’t always have to have a better one. 

When you are humble you get along better with other people. 

Humility doesn’t mean you think less of yourself, you just think more about others.  When you become interested in others you become interesting to others.  So you have better relationships when you’re a humble person. 

You don’t have to be right all the time.  And it’s easier for you to say those two hard words, “I’m sorry” or the three hardest words, “I was wrong” or the other three hardest words, “I need help”. 

When I’m spiritualy poor which means I don’t have to fake it and pretend I’m perfect it reduces my stress and improves my relationships because I am humble enough to ask forgiveness. 

I read of St Francis of Assisi, the monk, who had a method of maintaining humility.  In his memoirs he said any time someone praised him, in order to stay humble he had a fellow monk set down and tell him all his faults.  He had to ask a fellow monk, because he never married. 

Most of us don’t need to go get a monk!  We have our heavenly sand paper at home. 

We laugh at this but, ladies, it is not your job to keep your husband humble.  Men, it is not your job to keep your wives humble.  That’s GOD’s job. 

Ruth Graham said about Billy Graham:  My job is to love Billy, GOD’s job is to keep him humble.  GOD can do a better job than you.  In your marriage you need to be a supporter and encourager.  Let GOD do the humiliating.  HE can do it easy enough.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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