Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The number one way HE speaks to us…

So how does GOD talk to us?  Well the number one way that GOD speaks to us is throught the Bible.

Now I admit that the Bible can be an intimidating book.  But it is the manual for life.  It’s the owner’s manual.

In our Ford Mustang in it’s glove department is an owner’s manual.  That is the designer’s original intent for the car.  If I read that owner’s manual and follow what it says, my car is going to last a whole lot longer.  It teaches me how to keep from putting my car under stress.

That’s what the Bible does.  The reason why many of you are under stress is because you don’t know what’s in the Bible and you’re not following the owner’s manual for life.  When in doubt, consult the manual.  GOD speaks through HIS word.

How do I get started in this book?  Do I start at Genesis and just start reading through it? 

I wouldn’t suggest that.  Not if you’re just getting started in the Bible.  In the first place, you need to get a new translation.  There are many of them.

The Bible was originally written in Greek and Hebrew.   But I’d suggest you get the New International Version, or the New Living Translation or even the Message.  But there are a number of good ones.

Then you might want to get a study Bible that will give you some guides and aids.  The Life Application Bible is great.  It helps explain some of those customs and things you don’t understand.

Then you need to set a regular time in the word.  Then get involved in how to study the Bible.  There are a lot of tools you can get online and use to get yourself going.

I would start in the New Testament.  If you’ve never read the Bible at all, I’d start with the book of James.  James will give you some practical stuff just to get you going in the CHRISTian life.  You need to get into GOD’s word because that’s the number way HE speaks to us.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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