Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The secret of strength…

It releases GOD’s power.  Humility releases GOD’s power in your life.  James 4.6 (LB), “GOD gives strength to the humble, but HE sets himself against the proud.”  

Would you like to have GOD’s strength in your life?  The Bible says that the secret of spiritual power is to walk humbly before the LORD, to realize you have to depend on HIM. 

I am overwhelmed by the graciousness of GOD in my life and the goodness and all the things I’ve not deserved.  HE has allowed me to be born in America, to live in a beautiful area such as California, to have a great family who loves me.  I’m humbled by the goodness of GOD in my life. 

But with that there is a deep sense of responsibility that I feel knowing from day to day people are coming in here to the Front Porch looking for a word from GOD and saying, “What does GOD have to say about my life?”  And I feel a deep, deep sense of inadequacy and dependence. 

I sometimes wonder if I am the right person.  “GOD, YOU’ve got the wrong guy!  I cannot do this on my own.  I’ve got to totally depend on YOU.” 

I think what this principle here is stating is, the secret of strength is admitting weakness. The secret of power is admitting helplessness.  The secret of happiness is humility.  The secret of victory is total surrender to GOD.  The secret of independence is dependence upon GOD. 

Just a thought from the front porch…


Anonymous said...

Bill, this is a wonderful post and I read it aloud. It resonated in my heart and I thank you for being the messenger. Nothing happens by accident ... the messages are the keys to tapping into the goodness around us. The Lord guides and directs us all. Blessed be God forever! I love Him So!

bill williams said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement.