Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Repattern the way you think…

One thing to do for long term change in dealing with your anger is to repattern my mind.  If you have had an habitual pattern of dealing with anger in an inappropriate way, then you're going to need to practice these over a long term, to change your life style from one of anger to one of love and one of patience.  You repattern your mind.

"Be transformed by" making New Year's Resolutions, No.  "Be transformed by" watching an informercial and buying a videotape.  No.  Romans 12:2 (NIV), "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." 

The Bible makes very clear, the way you think determines the way you feel.  And the way you feel determines the way you act.  If I'm angry it's because I feel angry.  And if I feel angry it's because I'm choosing to think angry thoughts.  If I want to change my behavior or my feelings, I've got to change the way I think, change the computer.  Your beliefs control your behavior.  So you have to start repattering your mind.

Everything in society teaches you to reprogram yourself and not express anger appropriately.  On TV, forty percent, if not more, of the shows will have inappropriate expressions of anger.  TV teaches – get angry, use a gun.  Get angry, blow them up.  Get angry, 'cuss them out.  Get angry, yell back.  Get angry, seek revenge.  We're programmed with that over and over so we start to act that way.  You need to repattern your mind with the truth, not with lies.  Because the truth sets you free, that's what JESUS said. 

One thing to do is to read two chapters in your Bible every day.  One is Ephesians 1 and the other is Romans 8.  Both of these talk about finding your security in GOD rather than finding your security in fame and fortune and other people and relationships and things like that which can all let you down.  Angry people are insecure people.  They are threatened by the world.  When I feel threatened, I get angry.  The antidote to getting the anger lowered in my life is to start feeling good about myself.  You'll feel good about yourself when you realize what GOD has said about you.  You matter to GOD.  HE knows everything about you and HE still loves you.  HE made you for a purpose.  HE brought you to this blog for a purpose.  You're here today for a purpose.  You matter to HIM.  When you read those chapters over you'll see what GOD says about you and you'll start feeling better and your irritability reduces because your insecurity is lowered.  Pick up a little baby that's crying... Once they're secure and warm, they stop crying.  It's the same principle.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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