Friday, May 11, 2012

the best deal anywhere…

listen, your forgiveness is free, absolutely free, but it is not cheap.  somebody had to pay for it.  and JESUS CHRIST paid for it with his life.  colossians 1.14 says this, GOD has purchased our freedom with HIS blood and has forgiven all our sins.

GOD paid the ransom to set you free.  HE redeemed you.  HE said HE purchased it with HIS blood so all your sins could be forgiven. 

when JESUS died on the cross with HIS arms outstretched, nailed to that cross, the last thing HE said was, it is finished.  HE didn’t say, “i am finished,” because HE wasn’t.  HE resurrected and HE’s still alive today.  HE’s GOD.  HE wasn’t finished.  so what did HE mean, it is finished?

HE meant, I’ve paid for all your sins.  the plan of salvation is complete.  there’s nothing you need to add to it.  it is finished. 

in fact, in the greek in the bible, that phrase it is finished is only one word.  it is the greek word teleo.  it literally means in greek, “paid in full”.  it was a legal term. 

back in those days when someone would pay off a bill like you paid off your mortgage or you paid off a bill to a businessman they would stamp it teleo.  paid in full.  when a prisoner had served his time and his sentence was being commuted they would stamp on his prison papers when he was released, teleo.  paid on full.  free to go.  you’ve paid your debt to society.  you are scot free. 

when JESUS CHRIST died on the cross with HIS arms outstretched and HE said teleo, paid in full.  that meant that HE has paid already for every dumb thing you’re ever going to do.  every sin. 

notice it says, HE has forgiven all our sins.  when JESUS died for our sins which ones did HE include?  all of them.  that means if you are a CHRISTian, you’ve put your faith in JESUS CHRIST, and you’re carrying around a load of guilt right now you are carrying a load of guilt over sins that have already been paid for. 

what are you doing that for?  how long do you remember a bill that’s been paid for?  once i pay my electricity bill do you think i worry about it the next day?  i never, ever think about it again.  it’s been paid for.  i never think about it again.  paid in full.

what are you worried about?  why are you holding on to something that GOD has already paid for and when you confess it to HIM HE’s forgiven and you don’t have to keep confessing to HIM over and over.  in fact, if you keep confessing it that’s a lack of faith that says, “GOD, i don’t really think you forgave me the first time.”  GOD says, “i did.  why did you bring it back up again?  it’s already forgiven.”

just a thought from the front porch…