Thursday, May 10, 2012

forgiven completely…

GOD forgives instantly, repeatedly and freely and number four, HE forgives completely. 

colossians 2.13-14 says this, HE has forgiven all your sins.  HE has utterly wiped out the evidence of the broken commandments which always hung over our heads.  and HE has completely annulled it by nailing it to the cross.  

it’s as if GOD were saying, “i want you to get the message here.  it’s all!”  it’s like one of those super stain removers you see on one of those infomercials.  it just completely wipes it out.  it’s all gone. 

nothing is hung over your head so you don’t have to keep carrying it.  it’s not partial forgiveness.  GOD doesn’t say, “i’m going to keep my eye on you now.”  no, it’s complete forgiveness.  utterly wiped out and completely annulled.  that means JESUS was nailed to the cross so you could stop nailing yourself to the cross.  HE was hung up for your hang ups. 

this is so important because even though you hear it in your head many of you still don’t understand how complete GOD’s forgiveness is.  and if you don’t understand how complete GOD’s forgiveness is the next time you have a problem you’re going to think, “GOD’s getting even with me.”  some illness comes along or some problem or some accident or some financial issue and you’ll think, “yes.  i knew the other shoe was going to drop one of these days.  GOD is getting even with me for what i did.” 

listen, GOD does not get even with you.  if you have given your life to JESUS CHRIST all of the punishment for all of your sins was taken on CHRIST.  and if JESUS took the punishment you don’t.  that’s what’s called the good news.  GOD doesn’t do double jeopardy.  Dones GOD punish JESUS plus you?  no.  it was all taken, all of the punishment was taken for your sin by JESUS CHRIST. 

just a thought from the front porch…


swatkat said...

sometimes u just need someone to blame..
but ya..god does forgive completely

bill williams said...

He sure does!

bill williams said...

He sure does!