Thursday, May 31, 2012

what benefit do i get?...

there are some questions that we are asking here on the front porch that will help you in this area of temptation.  you need to know where you’re tempted most.  we’ve asked, when am i most tempted?  where am i most tempted?  who is with me when i’m most tempted?  and then you need to ask the question, “what temporary benefit do i get when i give in?”

every time you give in to temptation… by the way, it’s not a sin to be tempted.  it’s a sin to give in to temptation.  even JESUS was tempted. 

now what payoff do i get when i sin?  there’s always a payoff.  every negative behavior has some sort of pay off. 

the bible says sin is fun, did you know that?  no one would do it if it were a bummer.  if sin had the pain of a root canal you’d never do it.  there is pleasure in sin.  the bible says it’s fun. 

but it’s just a short-term pleasure.  what is it trading, short-term pleasure, short-term relief, short-term comfort for a long term problem, damage and destruction?

so you need to ask yourself what am i getting out of this that causes me to keep doing it?  why do i keep blowing up?  why do i keep being fearful?  why do i keep lusting?  what’s the payoff in this?

sometimes you’re tempted because of comfort.  you give in to temptation because of comfort.  it’s comforting to do this.  sometimes you give in because of relief.  it’s a stress relief.  it’s a relief that you explode or whatever.  sometimes people give in to temptation for excitement.  they’re just bored with life and they just want some excitement in their life.  so they go and do something that’s really stupid to do, go get drunk and act really stupid because i’m looking for excitement.  other people give into temptation because it gives a sense of false confidence. 

how do i feel when i give in?  do i feel more loved?  do i feel more accepted?  do i feel more popular?  you need to know these things.  you need to know your pattern of temptation.  how satan hooks you.

just a thought from the front porch…

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