Monday, June 4, 2012

now, let’s talk to HIM…

you may be struggling in an area of temptation which has been bothering you for years.  what is your weakness?  what is your hot button?  where does satan bait you?  just say in your heart, “LORD, you know what it is.  i’ve got a tendency to ... exaggerate, be double-minded, not to stand up for what i know is right but be wishy-washy, always worry about what other people think, become sarcastic and say some hurtful things to my wife/husband.  i’m insensitive to the needs of my spouse.  i tend to be selfish.

there is something in my life that is out of control.  my time is out of control, LORD.  my spending is out of control.  my weight, my exercise.  i just keep falling in this same area and i feel bad about it.”  just confess it to HIM.  HE knows your frame.  HE loves you. HE’s not going to condemn you.  HE wants to forgive you, wipe the slate clean.  HE wants you to start over today.  that’s why HE brought you here to the front porch.  just say, “GOD, i want to be realistic about this.  it is a problem in my life.  i drink too much ... or whatever.”  admit it to HIM.  accept responsibility. don’t blame your parents, your spouse, your boss, anybody.  admit there is a weakness.  there would be no outside temptation if there were no inward drive that matches it. 

“LORD, help me to recognize those patterns of weakness and avoid them.  help me to refocus on you, to fill my mind with the good things, the true things, the right things, not to resist my feelings but to replace them with what YOU have to say.”

most of all, if you’ve never opened up your heart to the LORD, do it now.  say, “JESUS CHRIST, i want to be reborn.  i want a fresh start on life.  would you forgive all the sins i’ve ever committed and help me start over right now.”  HE will. that’s why HE died on the cross for you.  say, “JESUS CHRIST, come in and be the manager and controller of my life.”  HE will. “LORD, YOU promised to make a way out of these temptations.  give me the strength.”  some of you need to break off a bad relationship.  some of you are flirting in the wrong areas.  say, “LORD, help me to quit compromising.  help me to do what’s right.”  and HE will help you,  if you come to HIM with an open and sincere heart and say, “GOD, YOU know all about me.  i can’t fool you. help me get victory over this temptation.”

“LORD, i want to thank YOU for those who prayed this prayer, opening their hearts for the very first time, saying they want you in their lives.  in JESUS’ name i pray.  amen.

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