Tuesday, September 4, 2012

building self-respect…

another purpose of work is it gives me self-respect.  it gives me self-respect. 

proverbs 22 verse 29 in the living bible, do you know a hard-working man?  he shall be successful and stand before kings. 

he says the value of good hard work is he shall be successful and stand before kings.  what is he saying?  he’s saying that there is a sense of honor and dignity that results from legitimate work.

all honest work is dignified.  now of course you can’t be a hit man obviously. or a few other things.  that may be a problem.  but the point is that legitimate, honest work has dignity, no matter what you do.

and the fact is that GOD has built in certain emotional rewards and work is the only way you can get them.  there is a certain amount of self-respect that you can’t get any other way except through working.  it is that sense of accomplishment, that feeling of a job well done.  that satisfaction inside that you gave it your best shot.

now you understand that i’m also talking about those of you ladies who have decided to stay at home.  that is your job, that is your work and that there is worth and dignity attached to your work also.  don’t let anybody say otherwise.

there is dignity in all work.

back when i was in college, i worked as a custodian of a middle school.  it was a great job for me in college.  well, i looked at that as an awesome job to build something into my life. 

many of the other preacher boys in college kind of thought they didn’t really need to do a very good job because this was not there calling and so they didn’t give their best effort.  well, i had been taught that i was to do my best and that there was worth in every job, that one job wasn’t better than another so i became the best custodian that i could be.  i had pride in my bathrooms.  i made them sparkle.  and that build respect, self-respect in me.  williams you can do a good job.

just a thought from the front porch…  

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