Friday, September 7, 2012

encourage you to pray two things…

now regardless of what you do, your work matters to GOD and HE wants to use it in your life to bless you so i want to encourage you to pray two things:

 #1.   i want you to pray, GOD use my job on me.  that’s the first thing i want you to pray.  GOD use the job that i am in right now to help me grow, to help me to be different, to change me.  use my job on me.

and then #2.  i want you to pray, LORD, use me through my job.  HE will.  HE will.

let’s pray…

heavenly FATHER, you have given each one of us, individual tasks to do.  you didn’t just put us in this world just to breath, and take up space, you have tasks for all of us.  help us to realize that our work matters to YOU, that no job is unimportant, they all have dignity if it is legitimate, honest work.

help us to get a grip on how to better use such a large portion of our time for our growth for your glory for the good of mankind.

now our FATHER, there are people here on the porch today who have a job and they are frustrated and they are empty.  they have been trying to find fulfillment in their job and really fulfillment comes from YOU.  and i pray that today they would open up their heart to YOU and to say yes to JESUS CHRIST. 

LORD, we know that YOU have a plan for every person’s life and the starting point is to get to know YOU.  so FATHER, those people who are here who have been maybe good people, but religious people, maybe protestant or catholic or jewish, mormon or whatever, regardless of their background may they open their heart to YOU today and say, JESUS CHRIST, i want to know YOU.

LORD teach us the worth of our work.  in JESUS name we pray. amen.

just a thought from the front porch…

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