Thursday, September 6, 2012

more free time and less meaningful time...

now as you read the first few chapters in the bible you notice back there in the garden of eden, it said that GOD gave them something to do there in paradise. 

folks, paradise is not continuous leisure.  there was work even in paradise.

i want to tell you that the most pathetic and most board people in the world are people who have nothing but leisure.  they are bored to death. 

some people say, man if i could just quit work and go sit down on laguna beach or clearwater beach and just sit and soak and tan i would love it.  but you’d last about a month and a half if you had nothing more than to just sit on a beach.  some of you wouldn’t last two weeks. 

the fact is that GOD says there are emotional benefits to working.  it builds self-respect in your life. 

now i meet all the time people who are depressed and the number one reason for depression is low self-esteem.  people just don’t feel good about themselves and especially among teenagers, low self-esteem is rampant.  they don’t feel worthwhile.  that’s why teen suicide is so high.  what’s the use. 

why is low self-esteem so rampant in our society?  they have done studies on that and the studies show that the more free time that we have in our life then the less meaning that our life has. 

and we have kids today who get out of school and they don’t have anything to do and the parents just subsidize them and subsidize them and they don’t have any jobs around the house or they aren’t in any extra activities at school or they do all their school work at school, they don’t have any homework, so they have all of this free time, they don’t have any purpose, they don’t have any job.

the truth is some kids need to get a job.  it’s a part of life.  now you have to teach them responsibility.  don’t let their work take the place of their school work or church.  you need to put first things first.  they need to be taught priorities but work is a part of life and too much leisure is dangerous.  work is not a curse, it is a blessing. 

just a thought from the front porch…


onecanvasonesoul said...

I have experience with this. When I was looking for a job and trying to figure out where I was heading in my life I was bored. That boredom then gave way to feeling depressed. When I resumed my studies and changed my major I felt alittle better but had a desire to have a job. I can't imagine ever retiring, though if I did I would spent it by writing or drawing.

bill williams said...

thanks for sharing.