Thursday, October 18, 2012

not a plan b…

now since GOD is omniscient – GOD knows everything – and since HE’s omnipotent – GOD has all power – HIS plans never have to change. 

i samuel 15.29 (tev),  GOD is not a man.  HE does not change HIS mind.

are there some times in the bible that say GOD changed his mind?  yes.  but it wasn’t GOD who changed, it was the people who changed. 

GOD told ninevah, “if you don’t repent, I’m going to destroy the city.”  HE didn't destroy the city.  GOD changed HIS mind because they repented.  GOD never changes HIS will, but HE does will a change. 

the point:  habakkuk 3.6 (niv) says, HIS ways are eternal.  GOD does not have a plan b for my life. 

think of the biggest mistake you’ve ever made.  then think of the biggest sin you’ve ever committed, that thing you regret the most.  then think of the biggest disappointment you’ve ever had. 

do you think GOD knew about those in advance before you ever did them?  yes, he DID. since HE knew those were going to come up anyway HE has woven that into HIS plan for your life.  HE included them. 

romans 8.28 (esv), all things work together for good…  good or bad, GOD can somehow turn them around and bring good out of them.  they all fit into a plan.  that means no matter what has happened in your life you’re still on plan a.  GOD has not changed his mind and GOD’s purpose for your life has not changed.

just a thought from the front porch… 

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