Wednesday, October 17, 2012

GOD’s purpose and change…

another thing that doesn’t change is GOD’s purpose for my life.

no matter what happens to you, in you, through you it will never, never change.  isaiah 14.24 (niv), the LORD almighty has sworn, “surely as I have planned it, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will stand.” 

GOD is at work in human history.  history is really HIS-story.  GOD’s story.  what is the world coming to?  it’s coming to the very climax that GOD has planned from the very beginning.  i’m not sure what all that involves.  i don’t know all what the future holds but i do know who holds the future.  it is a coming to a planned climax.  the bible says nobody knows.  even the SON OF MAN doesn’t know, only the FATHER who is in heaven. 

if someone ever comes up to you and gives you a date that the world will end, you’ll know that’s not going to happen.  That’s not the date.  the bible says, no man knows the day or hour. fortunately,  i’m on the winning side.  that’s good news.  it is inevitable that we’re going to end up on the winning side. 

psalm 33.11 (tev), HIS plans endure forever; HIS purposes last eternally. 

do your plans ever change?  how often do they change?  why do your plans change so much?  two reasons:  because you don’t have the perspective or foresight to know everything that’s going to happen.  maybe now you know what you didn’t used to know.  now that you know something different your plans have changed.  that’s one reason. 

the other reason your plans change is maybe you don’t have the power to implement the changes you had intended to do.  ran out of time, money, energy, effort –  whatever.  so your plans change. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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