Saturday, November 24, 2012

i am losing it…

now HE was given a lot of different names that told us what HE had to offer.  one of HIS names was the PRINCE of PEACE and in our world today we really do need that.  we really do need peace.

the truth is very few people in this world are at peace with themselves.  most people carry a high degree of stress, of anxiety, of tension in their lives. 

have you noticed that…

…when circumstances are uncontrollable we often lose our peace?  as you know much of life is beyond your control.  you get frustrated by delayed flights and stuck in traffic and there’s nothing you can do about it; you just set there.  but even more than that the most important things in life are often beyond your control. 

i’ve met with couples who’ve wanted to have a baby and it just wasn’t happening.  i’ve met with singles who wanted to get married and it just wasn’t happening.  lots of things just end up being out of your control.  when that happens we get frustrated and we lose our peace of mind.

…when people are unchangeable we tend to lose our peace?  people naturally resist change.  and they resent it when you try to change them.  have you ever tried to change anybody?  a personal improvement program for your husband or wife or children?  and they just don’t cooperate and you can’t figure out why they aren’t working on this.  “it’s for your own good!”  they resist it and they resent you.

the quickest way to lose your peace of mind is to try to change somebody else because most people are just not going to change.  so we get frustrated and lose our peace.

…when problems are unexplainable we also lose our peace?  we know that life is not fair.  not everybody has a happy ending and live happily ever after.  things don’t always turn out right.  what makes it more difficult is that you are not always going to know why.  and when you don’t know why things don’t happen in your life the way you intend for them to do, you tend to get frustrated, you tend to get anxious, nervous, stressed.  and you lose your peace.

JESUS came to give us peace because it’s a fundamental need of your life.

just a thought from the front porch…

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