Thursday, November 1, 2012

it wouldn’t make sense…

what can i do to receive GOD’s power?  a b c

a – admit you’re weak

b – be connected to the source of power

you want power?  get connected. 

have you noticed that things work best when they’re plugged in?  you and i work best when we’re plugged in to the creator of the universe.  if you’ve got a toaster, try to do toast without plugging it in.  it’s not going to work.  i don’t care how good looking that toaster is, i don’t care the net worth of that toaster, i don’t care if that toaster grew up in the church kitchen its entire life, it’s not going to work if it’s not plugged in and neither are you. 

some of you are saying, “i’m already a CHRISTian.  i’m already connected with GOD.”  but you know why you don’t have power?  because you unplug yourself by ungodly choices and doing things on your own agenda then we have this arrogant expectation that GOD is going to bless what we’re doing. 

think about it: it wouldn’t make sense for GOD to supernaturally renew our strength so we could pursue something outside of GOD’s design for our life. 

as i go through these action steps – a-b-c – and you’re setting there thinking, “i’ve been a CHRISTian for a long time.  move on!”  listen, it’s not, you do this once and then you’ve got HIS power.  it’s, you do this all the time.  you’re always admitting your weakness.  you’re working to get connected with GOD. 

now JESUS understood this connection theory and HE gives us a word picture.  i love the way JESUS taught because it was so visual.  JESUS said in john 15.5 (nlt), I am the vine and you are the branches.  those who remain in ME (those who are connected with me) and I in them, they will produce much fruit.  for apart from ME you can do nothing.  

just a thought from the front porch…

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